Website Design Services

With easy site setup and support, we can custom build your website for you. Leaving you to work on the other things that require your time.

Modern Technologies

Compliancy and up to date features for GDPR, SEO management and common web based languages: HTML5 CSS JAVASCRIPT 


Whatever the platform you intend your users to use. Adaptive mobile and desktop versions are available. 

Multifunctional Pages

Build your site content for different targets. This is great for easy site navigation, useful informational content or to complete business transactions.

Big Projects

If you have or want an online strategy we can build a plan and roll out your project to meet your targets. Support and consultations are available. 

Web Solutions

We can help set up a maintainable workflow, e.g. email system, group & team facilities, user interfaces or other features.

Brand Building

Build your online brand, recognisable logos, themes and overall presence. Get the most out of having an online business, blog or organisation page.

Business & Commerce, Brand and Content Driven

Personal Pages, Blogs and Portfolios

Starting Out

Site-Setup covers website design and maintenance as a core service. Providing solutions for anyone who wants to start or change their website with the help of a developer. Want to update your website or create a new good looking site for your visitors? We can use your existing tools or build you up from scratch.

Big Projects

Site-Setup offers help at any stage of your developmental work. Each option includes introducing or updating your site content to keep your site fresh for visitors. Working with current technologies and help with keeping your site consistent, project planning and web traffic growth strategies. You might be looking for a new themes, logo and image editing, redesign or consultation on your project. We will bring your online presence and vision to life.


If you need:

  • Entry level website development
  • Looking to implement complex ideas
  • Work with your existing site and tools
  • Learn More about your Site
  • Decrease your IT task list and Stress
  • Refine your on page SEO
  • Enhance your online presence

  • or going into any combination of that - we can cover what you need to creating a beautiful website.




    Starter Package

    Brochure Website (Static)
    Building Your Brand

    Stunning 1-Page Design
    + Complimentary Content Changes (45 Days)*
    Essential Maintenance Tasks 

    Optional Features:
    1 yr of Content Changes*
    1 yr UK Domain
    1 yr Website Hosting
    + Free SSL Certificate Setup
    Logo Design
    Additional Page Add-ons

    *(T&C's Apply)



    Full Website Service

    Content Delivery (CMS)
    New Website Content + 1yr Support

    Multipage Website Design
    + 1 yr of Complimentary Content Changes*
    1 yr Website Support
    1 yr Dedicated Hosting
    1 yr UK Domain
    + Free SSL Certificate Setup

    Optional Features:
    E-commerce tools
    Checkout Systems
    CMS Tool Integration
    SEO Setup & Analytics
    Dynamic Features, Custom Scripts, Advanced Javascript
    Business Email Setup
    Logo Design

    *(T&C's Apply)

    £45 per 3hrs


    Maintenance & Support Only

    Suitable for Launched Websites

    Website Support
    Content Changes*
    Flexible Allocation of Time
    Redeem within 30 days

    *(T&C's Apply)

    Client's Words

    "I'm so impressed! You're amazing, it looks so sleek and professional." 

    Frazer Doyle

    Dover Pride Chair & Co-Founder

    Portfolio Examples

    Rainna Ceramics
    Dover Pride
    Community Group
    Non-Profit Organisation
    Sharon Korman
    Medical Professional
    Emma Sikora
    Future Foundry
    Community Pages
    Nnastia Photography
    Business & Gallery
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